Clay Earring FAQ

Are they heavy? Not at all! A pair of earrings is about the weight of a quarter, total.

I see something in gold, can I get it in silver? If it is a hook or o-rings, those can be changed out easily.  Some earring top components can be changed as well. Just ask via contact page. All posts are hypoallergenic gold colored though, and the post (not visible) can't be changed.

Can I special order? Absolutely, reach out via contact page. There is a flat fee of $50 per special order.

Can they break? They can but it's rare, they won't break like glass or porcelain, however if bent they could.

What kinds of posts do you use? Hypoallergenic posts, some stainless steel

How big are they? Varies in size, please refer to listing for sizing

Are they waterproof? The clay itself is waterproof, however getting water on them reduces the shine/ polish of the findings over time.

Do you do Wholesale for boutiques/salons? Yes, inquire via contact page.

How quickly do you ship? Standard business days 5-7 with USPS.  

Do you ship outside the US? Not currently, but working on it