Meet the Artist


I'm Tami Lennox, 

Thanks so much for taking a peek at Yafa designs, created from my heart and home.

I'm a Washington native, living in the awesome city of Edmonds with my hubby and 3 kids.  

 I've been making jewelry since I was a young girl when my mom's friend taught me to fringe bead.  I was hooked and continued to learn different jewelry making techniques over the years.  Life got a little crazy with 3 little kids and the responsibilities of motherhood,  and so my hobby took a backseat!

This past holiday season I saw some clay earrings in a boutique, and a flood of creative energy was ignited within me.  I spent a good amount of time researching and then just threw myself into it. After making my first few earrings I realized how much I had missed this form of art, and how free and calm it makes me feel to create! I've been obsessed ever since, trying to find time to sit down and clay!

 Each piece is unique, and I love how much variety and different options there are! I'm only just getting started, so make sure and check back to see what's new!

Yafa means pretty in Hebrew, and is an homage to my heritage...and so I hope each piece makes you feel as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside.